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Do you recommend being apart of the doctors without boarder program?

I am not a doctor so I really can’t speak on it I am a registered nurse. If I was younger and the opportunity presented itself I would have loved to care for patients abroad and without borders. It probably would have been a great experience. Dorothy Johnson

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2 answers

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Ro’s Answer

Doctors without Borders is reputable, does great work, and former volunteers are proud of the work accomplished. I have also known people that weren't doctors but did administration for the organization - and they respected the mission of the program. If you're looking into some medical experience/internship, this would be a great place to get your feet wet.

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Michael’s Answer

Doctor without Boarder is a selfless beautiful program that I highly recommend for every Medical School Graduate so they get to experience the misery & wretched conditions of patients that are really ill in third world countries who are in desperate need for medical attention. Its for the brave Doctors the one's that would rather die than defer because the environmental & political factors in these countries are fluid and dangerous and you can get hurt in a second while doing a lot of good. I strongly urge the doctors to research the customs of the host country and try to learn the basic phrases of the language before they go. They have to be very strong, and motivated and believe in a higher authority to work 14 hr. days and go on for a week without a shower and someways miss dinner, it is not for the faint of heart, but the experience will last forever in their memory & they would appreciate life in the US so much & be so thankful as to what we have everyday. Thank you.