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Whats the best career decision you've ever made?

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3 answers

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Rosalyn’s Answer

Hello Daniela,
The best decision I made was when I decided sophomore year of college that I did not want to go to medical school. My entire life I wanted to be a doctor. I changed my mind that year. I changed my major from biology to chemistry at the start of junior year, and decided to go to pharmacy school and pursue a doctor of pharmacy degree. It was an excellent choice. It is interesting and a great career for women. It pays well and in some circumstances you can work out a schedule that suits your life circumstances.
There are many career paths that you can pursue as a pharmacist: Adult or pediatric hospital with many areas to specialize in (such as infectious disease, intensive care or hematology/oncology), your local pharmacy, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc.
I have had no regrets.

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Hwal’s Answer


One of the best career decisions for me is to complete the training to become a registered mental health counsellor in Australia. I'm a current third-year PA student, and I cannot tell you how widely helpful my counsellor training has been for me, including during my current medical education and training.


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Jason’s Answer

Hi Daniela,

Best career decision was any continuing education.