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How can I create Sandow's dream world as a physician?

Dear Physicians and Health Fanatics:

I am currently a high school junior with big dreams but little to no influence on society at the moment. After years of Cross Country running, amateur competitive boxing, and staying fit and healthy in general, I have come to espouse health & fitness as a lifestyle. Currently, most of what I do now is strength training and bodybuilding, all of which have taught me a lot about myself which I try to spread through a health & fitness club I started at my high school. A champion bodybuilder of his time and a professional in disease control, Eugen Sandow, wrote a book called Life is Movement over a hundred years ago in order to voice his thoughts on the increasing maladies in our world. Sandow makes connections such as how if the government and youth were more well-informed in what made someone a truly healthy being which includes knowing which foods should be eaten and how to exercise properly then everyone would be strong enough holistically to prevent disease without the dependence on medicine. I have dreams of becoming a physician since I love helping people out and knowing more about the human body. Would I have enough power as a physician to influence the world in the way I want? How can I go about this large goal when I am a physician? What will support me?

Alexander N. #doctor #science #biology #health #physician

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Alexander,

A doctor can influence the world making a difference on it. Here are some tips that can help you to think better of it:

  • Treating people with love and respect, listening to them carefully in order to help them;

  • Treat the person's holistic way, not just the disease;

  • Seeking new methods and techniques to better serve patients;

  • Do volunteer work, serving underprivileged people in neighborhoods and disadvantaged communities;

  • Love what you do, believing in the work as an opportunity to do the good and bring hope to people through the quality of life and health;

  • Be different, making the difference. Be the change you wish to the world.

Have a successful career!

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