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How can I help a person in need?

I have a strong passion and dedication for helping others I always love helping people who seem to have some type of major struggle in their life and I try my best in helping a person as much as I can #help # counseling #life-coach

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9 answers

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Jairo,

I would recommend that you look for volunteer opportunities in your area that take advantage of your skills. It may take some time to find the right place. You may need to do some initial work that is not exactly what you are looking for. You will need to earn the trust of the volunteer organization before moving to some skills.

Good luck in your search.

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christine’s Answer

Hi Jairo!
I'm going to assume that you are asking this question as it pertains to a career-
Some of the helping professions are :
nursing and nurses aides
social work
physical therapy
employment counseling
working with senior citizens as a recreational aide in a nursing home
school guidance counselors
community organizer
life coach
I guess you might want to ask yourself what age group you want to help
or what type of problems you like to help with.
Then you could look for volunteer opportunities for that age group.
You could look into colleges that offer social work or counseling, for example, and look at the courses
that the students take to see if those kind of courses interest you.
It's wonderful that you want to help.
Helping others is so rewarding so you are on a good path!

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Kim’s Answer


I'm not sure if you are asking this from an immediate perspective, or as a career question. A little more info in that regard would help put your question in context.

Having worked all my life helping others, in one way or another, I have the following observations.

1. they have to want help and be willing to accept help
2. they have to want to help themselves

3. The best thing you can do for someone is to give them the tools to solve their own problems. Suppose they are in a dilemma, trying to decide between buying a new car or expensive repairs on the car they have. You can ask questions that get them thinking, help them start doing the math. . . .new car = higher insurance but less repairs, but, still some mtc/repairs, etc. The more they can learn the thought process that goes into informed decision making, the more likely they can get through the next dilemma with less help.

4. My goal was to make my job obsolete. I wanted my customers to sprout wings and fly! I wanted them to know everything I know, to not need me! Be warned, if you are looking to go into social service type work, there are those who want to keep people dependent on them, because they are afraid of losing their jobs. I worked with some of them. Very sad.

5.Basically , you want to ask questions to help guide them through. You can give them resources, such as websites, but don't do everything for them unless they really truly can't do it for themselves.

6.Also, don't try to do more than you can. Life experience helps to make you more prepared to help others. I've seen some bad outcomes when young people get bad advice from those not qualified to give it (such as how to invest their money, etc). Know your limits.

Thanks for caring!

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Kelly’s Answer

First identify the level of help and the type of assistance you are willing to do. Interview an individual that is in the role you are thinking about taking on. Be sure to have a list of questions already prepared. They can offer a wealth of information and leads and possibly offer you an internship. Helping stems from just helping the people in your neighborhood or the local community center. It is important to know what role you want in helping. There are also a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself. Always remember to help yourself as well.

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Jairo,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn how you can improve the lives of the less fortunate. There are many ways to help people in need and most if not all don't require money. The first is to volunteer your time, whether it be at a food pantry or homeless shelter just volunteering can do a lot to help people in need. Another way is to donate items of need like clothing, shoes, blankets, and toiletries. You don't have to go out and buy stuff just look around your house I guarantee there are items that are not being used and could definitely go towards helping those in need. Lastly, if you are unable to do both or you want to you can donate money to organizations aimed at helping the less fortunate. With the last one make sure to do the research and make sure all the money that organization pulls in is going directly to the people in need. Good luck in you endeavors and I really hope you are able to help people in need!

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Dave’s Answer

One of the best resources and the most rewarding was contacting the city services department. They hooked me up with some elderly people who needed help with things that they could no longer physically do, like mowing the lawn,or shoveling snow, or making minor repairs around the house. Another great source of ideas is at your church. They can put your skills to work right now, and, sometimes, they will teach you new skills. I learned how to build a brick wall and shingle a roof through my church group. We built a house for Habitat for Humanity!

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Marla’s Answer

Hello Jario,

I think it is wonderful that you wish to help others! It can be impossible to know where someone is in life and what struggles they are facing, just from the outside looking in. However, if everyone were willing to show more kindness and compassion toward one another, the world would be a better place!

I'm not sure if you are looking for career advice or within your everyday, but I would suggest reaching out into your community. See what kinds of opportunities there are to volunteer with different organizations such as United Way or Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Everyone could use a little help, especially now with the state of the world we live in. There may even be organizations who need assistance with everything going on, such as the Red Cross (if there's one in your area).

Hope this helps!

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RuthAnn’s Answer

I am the same helping others is so rewarding, but as being the type of person to take care of others we forget to take care of our selves. I suggest to take time out for just yourself and allow the guilty pleasure that we often refuse to ourselves. A life helping is rewarding and so tiring to be kind to yourself.

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Gina’s Answer

I would research volunteer opportunities in your area-- things you are interested in. Church groups, helping the elderly, food pantry, sports organizations-- there are so many non-profit groups that need help. And you may find a rewarding career path out of it.