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In order to be successful with a law degree, is it essential to live in a bigger city?

Asked Minden, Louisiana

I am interested in both a nursing career and a degree in law, but I'm worried that if I follow a law degree and decide to stay in my small town, I will not be as successful as I would with a nursing career. #law #attorney #prosecutor #city

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Ime’s Answer

Updated Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hello Amanda! I do not think it is necessary to live in a bigger city in order to be successful in law practice. I studied and practiced law in a big city. One of the main benefits of pursuing a career in law in a big city is the greater access to opportunity. One downside of big city law is the over-saturation of people doing the same thing and the increased competition, particularly in the present economy where jobs are harder to find. I venture to say that pursuing your dual studies program and eventual career in a small town/city may make you an asset to companies or organizations who need and are looking for specialized knowledge and talent. You could certainly customize your coursework and hone your specialities in such a way as would be to your advantage in and to the benefit of people in a small locality. Much will depend on law schools in the area in which you live, and whether their programs will provide you with a quality legal education.