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Is becoming a pediatrician worth the schooling?

Hi, my names Reid I'm a senior in high school, and I've always wanted to become a doctor. I've researched all the fields in medicine, and pediatrics really interested me. I have done so much research on how to become a pediatrician, but it's so much school. I'm willing to put in this effort, but is it worth it? Please help me out. Thank you #pediatrician #pediatrics #doctor

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4 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Reid! Medicine is definitely a journey, it takes time, effort, discipline and dedication. I decided to be a pediatrician as well in high school, my grandmother inspired me to go into the medical field because she was diagnosed with dementia.I chose the route of being a pediatrician based on different experiences. If you truly love this field I would go for it; all good things take time and if you love something regardless of what age you will be or how much time you will put in , you will be able to get to your dreams in the end. I would recommend to take some classes in college; you can be any major and apply to medical school (I was a Psychology major) but there are certain classes known as prerequisites that are required to be taken to apply to medical school. Some classes are chemistry, biology and physics along with others and there is a premed adviser in college that will guide you on which classes to take, usually they have a sheet in their office that lists required courses and recommended courses. The courses can sometimes be difficult but remember that with hard work it will pay off, in addition I would recommend to get some clinical hours as well by shadowing a physician and volunteering to interact with patients. Usually when you begin college it will be easier to do this; you can ask your PCP or maybe once you get to know your professors you can even ask them if they know of any opportunities for shadowing. For clinical volunteering it can be in a local clinic or a hospital because there are many opportunities that are provided in hospitals, so be sure to check out nearby and see!

I think that to truly decide for this field experience is important, you want to work with patients, see the life of a physician through shadowing and definitely see how you feel about science. I use to struggle in science but I do love it and worked hard and thankfully things got much better to where I even tutored for certain subjects. As a last note, I think being a physician is a rewarding experience, as well as pursuing this field, medicine is definitely not for everyone but for the ones who chose it I think it's because they cannot see themselves as anything else besides being a physician. I would also recommend to check out AAMC.org, the official site for the medical school journey, it has a lot of resources and information on how to be a successful premed student!

I wish you the best!

Yasemin recommends the following next steps:

check out AAMC.org

Hi Yasmin. You nailed it on your comments. I enjoyed reading your story. My son is a resident Pediatrician and loves it. Thank you for your wonderful story. Sheila Jordan

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! Congratulations to your son! I wish him the best in his profession :) Yasemin G.

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Sydney’s Answer


Yasemin has provided some great information and next steps you should use. I would also recommend talk to you guidance counselor to get more advice and information you might not be aware of. The medical field requires time in school and time with hands on experience. Your guidance counselor should be able to help you look at schools, scholarship opportunities, and maybe someone in that field you can talk with and interview to answer your questions.

Sydney recommends the following next steps:

Set appointment with school guidance counselor

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Philomena’s Answer

yes it definitely pays off. A lot of time and will be invested but the end is glorious. it depends on your hard work and perseverance. desire to achieve great things in life and you can make. you can also talk to pediatrician to guide you and give you more insight

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Estelle’s Answer

Becoming a pediatrician is very much worth the time and effort. Think of it as an investment. Yes, college takes 4 years then medical school is another 4 years. Residency is 3 years, but you do receive a salary during those years, as you are a physician in training. Being a physician is rewarding and challenging. You have to use your mind, your hands, and your heart every day at work. The job opportunities are abundant. If you start down the path and think it is going to take too long, then there will always be other avenues as well. For example, there is a great need for pediatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The best things in life are worth investing time and effort.
Good luck to you!