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What are the best options for financial aid so late in the year?

Asked Bedford, Massachusetts

It is already may and I still have yet to receive a single dollar that I can put towards my tuition. I was so focused on taking my IB tests that I did not want to mess with scholarships and now I can't afford college. I start at UT in the fall, and I'm terrified that I won't be able to pay for it. I really want to study chemical engineering. Please help. #finance #money #scholarships #financial-aid #grants

2 answers

Melissa’s Answer

Updated Arlington, Texas

Greetings. You can still submit the FAFSA application. You may or may not receive any type of aid but it worth a try. Some colleges do issue some sort of financial aid even if you submit the FAFSA late, but you may have missed the deadlines for most scholarships. First, go to your financial aid office and schedule an appointment to speak with someone. Let them know your situation. Many times the financial aid office works with you. In the meantime, go to the following websites and apply for scholarships...

  1. fastweb.com...there are many still available that has not reached the deadline. I just checked
  2. usascholarships.com
  3. salliemae.com...go to college planning than scholarships
  4. scholarships.com
  5. your US Dept of Labor free scholarship search tool

Hope this helps!

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

At this point your only options are student loans since all of the free money is gone. I strongly suggest you complete the FAFSA so you can apply for loans from the government instead of private loans offered at local banks. A key advantage of the government loans is that you can defer payments until you graduate. The interest will continue to accrue while you're in school but at least you focus on your studies without having to worry about how you can afford the monthly payments. Next year, apply early!