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What it like to be a doctor

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2 answers

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Trisha’s Answer

Hello Steven –

I’m thrilled that you are thinking about becoming a doctor. The answer really depends on each individual, their background and their field. I’m not a medical doctor. I’m a Ph.D. which is different, it is an administrative / philosophical realm. Each type of medicine regardless of medicine for people, domestic animals, farm animals, etc. and there are so many specialists within each field as well. It is all very different. I would encourage you to do a bit more self exploration and then set up some email interviews / phone interviews or zoom interviews by reaching out to a few doctors in the field that you think you might be interested in.

Even if you decide not to be a doctor, its fantastic to be exploring things that interest you. It truly is the only way to find out what will end up being best for you.

Best wishes to you.

Trisha Scarcia-King, Ph.D.

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Estelle’s Answer

Being a physician is a great job. I have been practicing medicine for 30 years and cannot imagine a better occupation. I have the opportunity to have a positive impact on so many people and their families to help them stay healthy and to deal with illnesses. Being a doctor can be very stressful but is also very fulfilling. If you are interested in going into sports medicine, you will be helping people reach their greatest potentials as well as deal with and prevent sports injuries.
Good luck!