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Trisha Scarcia-King, Ph.D.

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Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 05, 2021 778 views

What are the pros and cons of living on and off campus?

Which would be more convenient financially and environmentally? #college #dorms #college-advice #college-life

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Oct 31, 2021 471 views

What is career village ?

I was instructed to join this community but I don't know what is for? #career-paths #community-management

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Oct 16, 2020 660 views

What it like to be a doctor

#sport #training

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Oct 25, 2019 1335 views

Can i still play sports even though im studying law?

I want to go into the criminal justice program and its a whole lot of work, will I be able to still play sports? Is it recommended ? #law #sports #management

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Nov 14, 2019 523 views

How do I find a college best suitable for me when i don't know much about different colleges

I grew up alot within the medical dude of things so I've always taken interest in the medical field , when it comes to learning I do best with a hands on approach to things. #college

judith’s Avatar
judith Nov 15, 2019 349 views

what would be the best college for

#nursing #healthcare #college