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When at work, does it matter how you deal with specific situations?

I am in high school and want to become a Graphic Designer. #art #high-school #career-paths

Hi Karen, can you be a little more specific? What do you mean by specific situations? The more details you can provide, the better advice pros can give you! Gurpreet Lally

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3 answers

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Wayne’s Answer

Hi Karen. I'm not totally sure what you mean by "specific situations". However, I can give you some tips to deal with challenging situations.

Keep Yourself Calm Under Stressful Situations. It is okay to let your frustrations out every once in awhile, but you would not want that to happen inside the office. When you are working with a bunch of people, you need to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone.

Seek Advice From People With Experience. You may face challenges that you have never faced before. How can you solve something that you have not encountered before? You either have to improvise or seek advice from a person who has faced such problems in the past. As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone, especially with the ones who are knowledgeable and experienced.

Work on Your Strategies. Challenges are parts and parcels of our life, and to overcome those challenges, we do require some strategies. You cannot just rely on your instincts and improvise all the time, whenever a problem arises. While creating a strategy for a particular problem, you need to observe and analyze the situation. A lot of strategies seem good on papers, but they are not practically effective. So you need to be realistic all the time.

Do not Be Afraid to Take Risks. No one has ever done anything great by playing safe, neither will you. Yes, it may sound intimidating, but in order to overcome all the challenges and achieve success in your career, you must take risks more often than you anticipate. You should not waste an opportunity just because you are too afraid to risk job security. Face each of those challenges and take proper actions to overcome them. Remember, not taking a risk is the biggest risk of all time.

Believe in Yourself. No matter which industry you are employed at, you can achieve more than you can imagine if you feel confident about your work all the time. If you do not have faith in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? There are times when some challenges get the better of us and leave us feeling depressed for the rest of the time. Remind yourself why you started doing this work in the first place. That may help boost your morale.

Good luck!

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Brinda’s Answer

During several years of experience, I have dealt with many situations which have helped me to gain skills. I have learnt to become more calm and patient and not to rush into decisions in a haste.
There are very many specific situations i have encounter during my tenure period. I have learnt that every situation calls for a different measure. I could make myself always ready for new challenges as life is full of challenges & surprises. I learnt not to give up and be persistant. The various challenges taught me to be empathetic. I do not take things for granted. I have developed a positive attitude towards life and now can try to handle things with humility and compassion.

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Doina’s Answer

Hello Karen,

Besides any skills you might use while doing your work, nowadays, hiring managers appreciate the soft skills as well.
The soft skills are the attributes that helps you do the job great: time management, team work, networking, creative thinking, conflict resolution.These are part of the emotional intelligence scale.
It is very important you master these as well, because it will matter how you deal with any situations that arise on a daily basis in your work enviroment.

I hope this helps.

Doina recommends the following next steps:

make a list of soft skills you are great at
make a list of soft skills that are not your forte and write how you can improve on that