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I live in PA and im looking at college in FL. should I apply for financial aid in PA or FL?

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Trying my best to set the example for my siblings. Im also trying to figure out financial aid for college. Still new to this so any help is better than none. #college #money #scholarships #financial-aid #grants

2 answers

Vernon’s Answer


You probably want to get the financial aid from the state/school in which you attend. Perhaps you already have received scholarships in Pennsylvania. They'll work anywhere unless they so state.

I have had a nephew graduate from Central Florida and he received a fine education in biology. You must also realize that out-of-state tuition will be MUCH higher. Add to that that if you do leave home, be sure to bet registered to vote. If you're headed to the South, voter suppression of college students is on the books, and you wouldn't want to get cheated out of voting.

Not knowing what your chosen interest or field is, I would still suggest you look at the colleges and universities in Ohio, if you must leave Pennsylvania. Ohio has the most diverse and number of colleges, state, private and religious, per capita than any state in the country. The cost of living will be MUCH less in Ohio than in Florida and you can find the "ivy-covered" ambience in a variety of small towns where the colleges are found. I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, a quaint Appalachian town on the Hocking River. It is the pure college town with superb schools in science, education, business and journalism. I taught at Wright State University in Dayton, OH, and discovered some smaller, nearby liberal arts schools like Antioch College which are nationally recognized. Add to that the Ohio state university system and you have more than enough opportunity to gain a very high quality, world-class education for the money you can afford.

Good luck.

Kristi’s Answer

Are you applying for federal financial aid? When you fill out your FASFA form, it asks for the school you're attending and your money goes to that school.