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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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isaiah May 27, 2016 722 views

I live in PA and im looking at college in FL. should I apply for financial aid in PA or FL?

Trying my best to set the example for my siblings. Im also trying to figure out financial aid for college. Still new to this so any help is better than none. #college #money #scholarships #financial-aid #grants

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isaiah May 27, 2016 644 views

My dad's a single, disabled veteran and we live on 836 a month. what would be the best way to apply for scholarships and grants?

I'm trying to get the money together so i can start college in FL, it's 54,000 for the whole course and im just trying to figure out the best way to approach this situation. I'm the oldest of my siblings and relatively new to this. I want to set the example and be able to help my younger...