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What one thing about nursing do you wish you had known when you started as a new and inexperienced nurse?

I want to be nurse and I think it is prudent to learn from others who are already "traveling that road". What advice can you give me? #nursing #nurse #pediatric-nursing

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Latoya’s Answer

Hi Melissa,

Great question! Looking back as a student nurse, I wish I had a better grasp on time management and organization. These are two vital skills that are required to be successful as a nurse. On the floor, you’ll be caring for multiple patients, handling multiple meds, and working together with an interdisciplinary team of professionals to provide the best care outcomes. It Is essential to stay organized so you can provide safe and comprehensive care. Of course, time management can develop overtime with experience. These days, I am much more efficient at managing my time and staying organized than when I was a new nurse.

Much luck to you on your endeavor,

Latoya Stephenson-Smith BSN RN