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What are the best ways to manage time in college?

I never want to be unorganized or out of time when I'm on my own. #college #business #psychology #mathematics

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3 answers

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Laura’s Answer

Good question! Managing your time when you go to college is one of the most important ways to be successful. I would recommend you use a calendar--either an old-school paper "planner" or scheduler, or Outlook or a Google calendar. You'd want to record your class schedule, exams, social activities, and such. And you might also schedule specific times to do tasks. Like, if you have a paper due soon, record the due date in your calendar. But also schedule time to work on the paper. The trick is to be consistent, so you can rely on the system to keep you on track. And consider only having one system--don't record some things on paper and others online, because that might get confusing or something would get missed.

You might also think about scheduling time for exercise, eating and sleeping. (No kidding!) because in college, it can be hard to remember to factor in time to take care of yourself. I would also suggest that you not schedule every minute of your time--you'll need to be flexible and leave time to make changes and adapt, because something awesome might come up! These are tips that have worked for me. Hope there's an idea here that will help. No matter what, it seems you have the right attitude to do well. Good luck!

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Use a calendar to schedule times for studying after your classes. Mark scheduled exams on your calendar. Don't forget to schedule some time for fun too.

Make sure you are getting adequate time for healthy behaviors (eating, exercise and sleeping). Memory consolidation occurs during avoid "all nighters" of studying!!

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Adrian!

Here is some helpful information.

Also, it would help to get to know your RA and Academic Adviser well. The whole pace of life and studying is different in college. It also would be good to see about getting an upperclassman as mentor - you could learn from his mistakes.

You can make it and be successful. Just remember, you are not the only or the first to go through this - so, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

I would like to follow you progress. Please keep me informed!