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North America Commercial Enterprise Solutions Campaign Consultant at Dell
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Austin, TX
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Valerie T.’s Avatar
Valerie T. May 17, 2016 772 views

What kinds of habits should I adopt if I want to be productive and successful as a writer?

I know creative people tend to struggle with procrastination, so what habits should I practice so that I can get as much on paper as possible throughout my career? writing creative...


Idris  A.’s Avatar
Idris A. May 18, 2016 999 views

What is the difference between high school life and college life

I will be graduating high school in June, and attending college in the fall. Therefore, I want to have an idea what it is like to be in college college teaching teacher counselor...


Rebekah H.’s Avatar
Rebekah H. May 19, 2016 983 views

How can I combine many interests into one career?

I just love to do so many things. The hard part is knowing which are viable career paths and which should remain hobbies. Maybe I can combine some of them to create something unique! I wouldn't mind starting my own business/organization to make that happen. Some of my top interests include:...

general small-business

Kendra L.’s Avatar
Kendra L. May 20, 2016 1194 views

What is the most important thing about college?

I just want to know people's thoughts on what they think about college....


Ayana D.’s Avatar
Ayana D. May 22, 2016 658 views

How do I select a major that will benefit me in the long run?

I lot of people that I know who graduated college have degrees in fields that have absolutely no correlation to their jobs. I don't want to make that same mistake. I plan on double majoring in Math and Creative Writing. math majors degrees...


leah H.’s Avatar
leah H. May 27, 2016 684 views

Is it appropriate to network online?

I want to work in the field of journalism and the coolest thing about this industry is that it's already accessible to me. It's so easy to find writers that I admire and follow them on social media. Often I have questions about the websites they write for or I'm just interested in things they...

journalism media writing social-media networking

Adrian K.’s Avatar
Adrian K. May 27, 2016 649 views

What are the best ways to manage time in college?

I never want to be unorganized or out of time when I'm on my own. college business psychology...


Mariya Q.’s Avatar
Mariya Q. Jun 28, 2016 1063 views

What should be our attitude while taking an interview? Should we speak more or let them speak?

Hi I am a graduate fresher. Looking for a job, a bit scare about the questions interviewer may ask. Help me with your precious advice. interviews manager director...