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For an engineering profession, will an engineer be required to have taken the FE Exam? (Fundamentals of Engineering)

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and my advisor said that if i take the FE exam, i wont have to take a engineering elective but i have seen a FE practice exam and i haven't taken the proper class that i will be taking until my last semester. I would like to know if in the future i will ever need to take it and if so, how will it affect my career? #engineering #career #engineer #exam

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Peter’s Answer


The Fundamentals of Engineering (also known as the Engineer-in-Training-EIT) Exam is very important. I believe it is required prior to your taking the Professional Engineering (PE) Exam, the exam you must eventually pass in order to get a PE License. Equally important is that many employers expect their newly hired engineers out of college to have taken and passed the EIT. So YES, I'd advise that you take this exam. Its given twice a year, so you may be able to wait to take the exam until after you have completed the course that you are concerned about.

Pete Sturtevant, P.E.