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How can a 15 year old get a job in nyc?

I've been trying to get a job, but everywhere says they hire at 16. #job #entry-level #jobs #job-search #first-job #15

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3 answers

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Nick’s Answer

Hi Juli, glad to hear you are so ambitious and looking to find a job at a young age. It can be tricky landing that first gig while still in school that's why you should target website/apps that focus on gig work such as Snag-A-Job and others to build a resume and gain experience. Once you can show you can hold steady work while balancing school you'll certainly start to see opportunities open up. A lot of larger corporations do have a strict age limit (usually 16 or 18) depending on the type of work but small independently owned places will be the go-to. Here in NY when I was your age I started off busing tables at a local restaurant which was great because when I turned 16 or 17 (it's been a while) they moved me to a waiter position which worked around my school schedule as they were open most nights and weekends. Don't be discouraged as it only take one person to give you a shot to make your own mark. Good luck!

Nick recommends the following next steps:

Target small locally owned restaurants and stores
Gain experience by doing work such as babysitting, dog walking, etc. to show you responsible
Make sure to really think about your schedule as you don't want work to cut into your schooling
Work on a resume even if it's an "about me" (google this) so people get to know you

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Lila’s Answer

Keep trying. You can also try baby sitting, dog walking, or something smaller in your community. It depends on the state laws, but often if you have a signed permission from your parent you can work before the required age. I would try for any local restaurant, museum, coffee shop, and retail stores. Show up with the required permission slip from your parent - and find out if your school will give you credit for working, which might even help you get a job. Maybe by spinning it that you will get school credit, they may be more willing to help.
Best of luck!

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Aditya’s Answer

Try Linkedin. Apply for jobs through their website. Search for jobs online. Most jobs require some work experience.

Hi Aditya, can you give a little more information? What types of things should a 15 year old search for to find a job? Gurpreet Lally