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Is the future bright for tech related jobs?

I'm a sophomore student athlete in high school and want to work with technology.
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5 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Zach. Absolutely! There is a bright future for the tech industry. As previously mentioned, you can look at the work some of the bigger Tech giants are doing. But I believe it is more important to look at the work being done by some of the smaller companies, that are bringing so much change to the way we do work and the way we sell services.

If you think about companies like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and AirBnB changing the way people do business and can request services as well as make quick money using simple apps.

We can take a look at the cloud industry, where many of the large companies mentioned by Krishna are changing the way businesses run applications and store data.

If you go into your local Walmart or favorite local store, how many self checkout kiosks do you see versus when you were in junior high school.

Think of all of the technology that gets put into sneakers and clothing. If you play video games, I am sure you have noticed the changes in the picture and consoles capabilities.

Tech is such a large industry and there are so many roles involved into bringing these ideas to life. If you are interested in technology, go for it. The best thing about tech is it does not matter where you are, how old you are or your background. All that matters is that you have a natural curiosity and the want/ability to learn new concepts. You can certainly start playing with free tooling and researching different areas within the field, along with what is going on in each, at the click of a button.

Here is a link that I believe gives a high level picture of some of the many roles in technology. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/list-of-information-technology-it-job-titles-2061498

Alexandra recommends the following next steps:

Research roles/areas that you are interested in to compare

Hi Alexandra. Your comments are very insightful. Thank you. Sheila Jordan

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Krishna’s Answer

Technology is definitely the future of the world, regardless of what industry you end up working in. Look at the large tech giants currently in the market, like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. These companies are highly regarded and talked about for bringing innovative technology and access to the general public. Look at Tesla to see how technology is taking over the automotive industry as well. Regardless of which field of technology you choose, this is where the world is headed and also has an ample amount of job opportunities available. Technology is ever growing and will always be needed to innovate.

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Tim’s Answer

Zach, without a doubt the future is bright for tech related jobs because every company is now a "technology" company if they want to stay competitive and be successful. It doesn't matter the product and/or service a company is offering, the way they find customers, deliver their service, work with partners, etc leverages technology and the better their technology, the greater their chance for success.

Companies that don't recognize this, will soon be out of business. For example, a few years ago the only way to get a taxi was to stand by the road with your arm up trying to catch the attention of a taxi driver as he/she drove by. Now, thanks to Uber/Lyft you can use an app to request a ride and the traditional taxi companies are going out of business. Retail is another great example; look how many companies have gone out of business due to the success of Amazon and other online retailers.

If you like technology, especially skills like programming, there will be lots of opportunities for you.

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Rafael’s Answer

yes zach tech is a great career choice and path to take given there are so many opportunities in the vast growing field! on a daily basis technology advancements are made to make our everyday lives better. currently working as a tech specialist I can say that with the amount of technology information out there you'll be learning something new everyday. I cant think of a day when I did not discover something new, it has definitely been rewarding and its a fun field to be in as well, and as I mentioned the opportunities are literally sky high from working independently to working for a high end corporation. to help you gain some perspective i recommend looking into udemy.com they have a lot of courses you can take some free and others are needed to be paid for but they constantly have sales for courses like the A+ certification to the network+ certification.

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David’s Answer

Hi Zachary, tech is fun, it's always cutting edge, and it's a way to build the future. There's always a bright future in technology because by definition technology is what drives humanity into the future. If you want to get skills for a tech career, learn programming and computer science. Those are the fundamentals of building technology, the earlier you get started the easier it will be in the future. It'll be tough at first but programming is as important to being skilled at building technology as reading is for knowing English. You can still speak without knowing how to read, but reading will get you much farther. Most of the best technologists started as programmers, computer scientists and computer engineers.

David recommends the following next steps:

Take a programming course
Read about new technology on TechCrunch