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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Andre Mar 15, 2021 619 views

How do we sign up for the careers that we chose?

I am in 9th grade and im learning how to find and apply for a job. #job #higher-education #professionals #jobs #career #first-job

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Mar 15, 2021 605 views

what steps should I take to become an environmental engineer?

I want to be prepared. don't talk much. #career

K. V.’s Avatar
K. V. Dec 16, 2020 668 views

About choosing best career path

At present I am in 3rd year of B.Tech. I know web development fundamentals, three programming languages and passionate to learn full stack development and have a goal to become full stack developer. But getting confused with some thoughts that whether it will be a good career path or not...

Jarheia’s Avatar
Jarheia Nov 13, 2020 553 views

Who makes more money a Entrepreneur or a Technologist?

#money #entrepreneur #money-management

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Oct 26, 2020 896 views

Is the future bright for tech related jobs?

I'm a sophomore student athlete in high school and want to work with technology.
#student #career #technology

Izbella’s Avatar
Izbella Oct 27, 2020 770 views

What type of classes should I take to prepare for college?

Currently I am a highschooler and although I am in classes that prepare me for college I am not taking any classes that can prepare me for law ( I am unaware if there even is any),please write some classes that can prepare me for college as someone who will major as a lawyer. #lawyer #college...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 27, 2020 975 views

What is the best skill to have for real estate

I know you need to be a good negotiator and communicator but what are some other skills that separate the average realtor and a good realtor #marketing #success #skills #business

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 28, 2020 532 views

I want to start my own business, what courses should I take?

I am currently enrolled as a pre-business major with a minor in psychology. I haven't been in school for a couple years and don't have any business experience. However, I know that I am interested in starting/having my own company. I know a lot of people do this without going to school for...

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Sep 14, 2020 966 views

What is a simple way to stay focused and continue working towards your goals

I want to become a mechanical engineer, however I'm unsure whether I will be able to meet the requirements because I didn't try to get into my level of classes in middle school and high school until Junior year, I easily passed my math classes in Junior year, I am now a senior taking a class I...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 04, 2020 1194 views

Do I have to go to college to become a choreographer?

I'm a dancer and I want to own a dance studio but I don't want to attend college for a long time. #dance #entrepreneur #businessowner

Shivam’s Avatar
Shivam Sep 01, 2020 1607 views

What's it like working in finance?

I'm interested in finance and i'm not sure how to figure out which specific area I want to go into. I understand IB is lucrative but i'd love to hear what the real world experience is like in any of these areas. The salary always seems solid and the hours are usually long. But what's the work...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Aug 31, 2020 556 views

Do you recommend going to get your masters degree in architecture?

Does having a masters degree help you make more money? Will having a masters set you apart from others?# #career-path #help