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If I get a bachelor's of health science, and choose not to pursue a career in pharmacy, what other options are there?

I want to (or at least I think I want to) go into a program for a PhD in pharmacy to be either a pediatric or hospital pharmacist. I plan to either get my bachelor's of health science first, then apply to a graduate program for pharmacy or go into a 6 yr program while also obtaining my bachelor's of health science. With that said, if I choose to not pursue my path of pharmacy, what can I do with a bachelor's of health science? I don't like direct contact with patients due to my squeamishness (meaning I don't want to be a nurse or doctor or a PA). What career options do I have that are still high-paying? #health #career-paths #career-choice #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #pharmacy #phd

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4 answers

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Dinah’s Answer

Going into pharmaceutical sales is a great career option with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences. Lab research is another great option because you are still able to use what you learned during your college days. A public health journalist is another great career option, which is
someone who focuses on helping to spread health information through various media forms. There are so many other awesome careers out there, but you just need to do your research and see what seems to best fit you.

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K’s Answer

You will have so many great options with that degree as a stepping stone. You can consider a public health degree master's program or any program that is dedicated to public health (very hot topic RN)! If you are more interested in the business aspect of healthcare, you can most certainly work on an MBA or an MPH degree and have many opportunities in hospitals (administrative side) or health insurance industry.

K recommends the following next steps:

research public health masters available at your university

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Nathan’s Answer

So, a Bachelors degree in Health Sc iences can be a stepping stone for several careers, most of which will require further study at the graduate level. Health science is different from other sciences such as biology and chemistry in that they don't deal with health per se.
Health science encompasses issues that deal specifically with health using interdisciplinary courses involving both natural and behavioral sciences. A health science degree can be a step in pursuing a career in medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health /mental health counselors, public health, pharmaceutical rep, research or as a technologust such as radiologic technologist.

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Lewis’s Answer

Healthcare research! I've been in the industry for ~10 years, and make 6 figures as a Associate Research Director. There are many other avenues, most involve working for or with pharmaceutical companies. Checkout these fields to see if they are something you'd be interested in, some may want you to have a masters but many will have entry-level positions that won't:
Health Economics & Outcomes
Market Access
Medical Affairs

A Master's in Public Health might be something to look at as opposed to pharmacy.