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How competitive is it to get into vet school?

I am a sophomore in high school in Utah. I have wanted to become a vet for a while now, and want to get an understanding of what I would be facing. I am wanting to get a better understanding of how hard it is to get into vet school and what schools usually look for? veterinarian veterinary vetschool

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1 answer

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paula’s Answer

Since there are only about 30 Vet Schools in the US and each have 60-100 students/incoming class , getting accepted to a Veterinary Medicine Program is very competitive. Schools look for at least a 3.0-grade average. In undergrad, make sure you take many life science classes like biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry. If possible get a part time job working with animals or do volunteer work with organizations that are focused on animal welfare. Make sure you study for your GRE (Graduate Record Exam) so you get the highest score possible. When combined with practical experience and some solid recommendation letters, you may have a decent shot of getting in to Vet school. Good Luck
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