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What can I do to stand out in today's working world?

Asked San Jose, California

With competition only getting stronger by the year, I'm afraid that by the time I graduate college, it will be extremely hard to get a job in the field I want to go into- Economics and Finance. What other academic opportunities (other than and undergrad degree) can I pursue to make myself stand out to potential employers? [If you have advice specific to my field, that would be very appreciated] #career #college-major #career-development #employers #college-graduate #career-education

2 answers

Chris’s Answer

Updated San Carlos, California

I highly recommend getting an internship, or multiple throughout your college time if possible. Experiment with different types. Work for free if needed. This will go a long way when you starting applying after college and can show experience you already have, when many other applicants don't have any experience yet. I would also encourage you to join business clubs and groups that help with resume building, networking and job fairs. As a LinkedIn employee I can speak to the value you get from developing a presence as early as possible. Start building your network now--LinkedIn also has very helpful tools now available for students going to college and finding the right jobs, right connections and even the right school to get a certain type of job.

Thank you so much for the advice! I've already been searching for some opportunities but I think devoting more time would be a good choice.

Matt’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee

Knowing the right people usually is a huge part of the battle. Start networking like crazy, get involved, ask questions and ask for help. Aside from that, there are too many people who aren't willing to work long and hard. Prove that you can and employers will be much more likely to give you a shot.