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Frances P. Jun 06, 2014 933 views

Is Gender and Women's Studies a course that can get me career opportunities right away?

I am currently a year 10 student who is very passionate about law (specifically how culture, tradition, and history has affected the modern legal system). I was thinking (actually my mom and I) of taking this course since my mom said that it was in demand, it suited my talents and skills, and...

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Shelyiah P. Apr 14, 2014 812 views

As a junior is it bad that I don't know exactly what I want to be?

IS it bad to be so confused while your about to be in college?...


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Dulce G. Apr 07, 2014 1484 views

What careers are a good fit if I like to deal with children?

I like dealing with and taking care of children but I am still not 100% sure that I should take a career as an elementary school teacher. #career #teaching #education #children #early-childhood-education...


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Prithvi A. Mar 12, 2014 959 views

What can I do to stand out in today's working world?

With competition only getting stronger by the year, I'm afraid that by the time I graduate college, it will be extremely hard to get a job in the field I want to go into- Economics and Finance. What other academic opportunities (other than and undergrad degree) can I pursue to make myself stand...

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Alexis I. Mar 12, 2014 2350 views

In the gaming industry what are some important qualities or qualifications do employers look for?

In the future I want to create video games for a living but first I would have to get a job at a video game company,and I want to know what somethings employers look for in the people who apply for jobs in the gaming industry what makes you more appealing to employers when they are looking at...

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