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I want to become a charted accountant? which course i must choose after my SSLC?

i am very good in mathematics, i like more in account related activities, i am very good managing finance at home professor finance investing bank banker

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3 answers

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Susan’s Answer

Hi - You need to obtain a bachelor's degree in any discipline/topic as far as I am aware firstly. Then you need to obtain a graduate role with a chartered accountancy company who can sponsor you. You need to get relevant experience over approx 3 years as well as taking a number of exams. The exams are set by the relevant chartered accountants body in a specific country eg Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is the institute in the UK. Usually the firm will provide both the experience and sponsor you for the exams also. After you have completed this period and passed all the exams you can be a chartered accountant.
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kinjalk’s Answer

To become u need to pursue the courses defined by ICAI to become a CA. There are three steps to it

  1. CPC
  2. IPCC
  3. Final Stage

There is a mandatory articleship which needs to be done.

Reference - How to become Accountant

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Arun’s Answer

To become a Chartered Accountant, you need to pursue CA course. The minimum educational qualification required to pursue CA course is completion of 12th standard or equivalent from a recognized board. Since, you have completed 10th standard, you need to complete 12th standard to be eligible to pursue CA course. To get admission in CA course, you need to appear in CPT examination which is considered as a entrance examination for admission to CA course. By qualifying the entrance examination, you can get admission in CA course and after completion of your CA course, you can work as a Chartered Accountant.