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Kah-liesha M. Mar 02, 2016 1583 views

What are the requirements for X-Ray Tech ?

I'm interested in X-Ray Tech but unsure what classes I need....


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Taylor E. May 25, 2016 502 views

What is the thing you do most at your job as a biologist?

I really want to become a fisheries biologist! Would love more information about this career....


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Ya$h A. Jun 03, 2016 2646 views
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bhavana N. Jun 23, 2016 653 views

I want to become a charted accountant? which course i must choose after my SSLC?

i am very good in mathematics, i like more in account related activities, i am very good managing finance at home #professor #finance #investing #bank...


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Julia A. Aug 13, 2016 705 views

How do I become an equity Actor?

I am pursuing a career in...

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Lolaestella C. Aug 16, 2016 585 views

Is journalism a hard business to get into?

I've wanted to do something with writing for a long time and if it's easier to do it with sports rather than on my own....


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Thaddeus W. Aug 17, 2016 540 views

What classes should I take if I want to be a physical therapist?

I am considering Virginia Military Institute and I became interested in being a physical therapist ever since my two ACL reconstruction surgeries and having to go through therapy....


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Araba H. Aug 22, 2016 689 views

I am starting nursing school and I need some advice.

I am a college student. I was in a community college, doing my prerequisites for the nursing degree. I am done with most of them so I transferred to a 4 year college. I have 3 more years and I am done with BSN. I am starting the nursing classes just this fall semester. If you were giving the...

#career-advice #lesson-planning #college-advice #school-nursing #nursing

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cole H. Aug 22, 2016 666 views

What fields of study are beneficial to a career as a sports agent?

I'm interested in working in the sports world, but still trying to figure out in what regard. The ideas of sports law and sports psychology appeal to me, but not sure how to put them to use? Sports agent is one career that comes to mind. #sports-management...


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cole H. Aug 22, 2016 595 views

How does one go about getting into working in the management of a professional sports team?

Interested in working in sport management, but not sure how one gets involved in the back-office of managing a team/franchise. #sports #sports-management #soccer...


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Gloria S. Oct 09, 2016 780 views

What is software development?

I am trying to explore the many different areas technology related. I was just hoping for an answer about how someone sees software development as and what should I know about it. #advice #software-engineering #software-development #software-design...


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Gloria S. Oct 09, 2016 745 views

What are the requirements for studying software development?

I was hoping for someone's advice for studying software development in general. I always wondered what would have to be done when someone decides to pursue software development. #software-engineering #software-development #courses #software-design...