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where can I get the best training for martial arts.

I want to pursue a career in physical fitness. #athletic-training #physical #fitness #fitness-training #martial-arts

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3 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Even if you just use martial arts to enhance your fitness training, it would be still be helpful to train in a traditional discipline that has an instructor that will correct your technique. If you just go to something like a kickboxing workout class, you will definitely get a workout, but less 1 on 1 correction of your form. Additionally I would take a discipline that is more in line with popular fitness classes. A few styles that have training that are more in line with modern fitness are:
Tae Kwon Do
Muy Thai
These styles are a little more popular in regards to competition and are a little more oriented with modern sports fitness in mind. From there, knowledge on physical fitness enhances your understanding of the martial arts and vice versa. I used to take a sports nutrition class in college and that helped me manage nutrition and exercise. I hope this info helps!

Thank you comment icon Thank you sir.... Yuvan Sankar
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Steward "Tony"’s Answer

Hi Yagna
My answer to you is from many years of Martial Arts training in a variety of arts and styles. I am 65-years old and have always been an athlete in a variety of sports in my younger life. I have been studying Wing Chun now for 10-years after a few years of JKD. As I get older, JKD got a bit demanding, but it is 50% Wing Chun anyway. My JKD Sifu David Genero passed away so I was eventually drawn to the Wing Chun side.

Many martial arts are great to learn, but I find after all my training, Wing Chun teaches economy of motion and incorporates simultaneous attack and defense for the smaller person against much larger opponents, keeping focus on the attacker's center line in every move. Developed by a woman (Shoulin Monk) and taught to a woman, which eventually was honored to have her name aligned to this newly developed art.

It would also allow you the time needed to engage in other sport studies as flashy and complicated forms would not have to be studied and practiced but practice you must daily. Master Sam Chan, who I believe has a school in India, is authorized by International Wing Chun Martial Art Association. Here is the India Kwoon (school)

Sifu Nataraj, K.P.

Kallara South P.O.
Kottayam 686611
Kerala State, South India

Tony P.

Steward "Tony" recommends the following next steps:

There is a video called "The Science of Wing Chun" on YouTube which I recommend highly.
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gaurang’s Answer