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am good in biology,but have a deep interest in mathematics,what should i go for?

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I always wanted to make a career in mathematics but couldn't get good grades...am good with biology,what to do? #engineering #science #medical #biology #mathematics

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Tuan’s Answer


Hi Anju,

If you are interested in math, please do not give up on it. Let me tell you my own story that is very similar to your situation right now. When I was in high school, I was very bad in math. I hated math so much that I even skipped many math classes and failed one of the junior math class. However, when I went to university, I had a chance to meet one of my best friends, who studies very well in math. Since he knew that I was really bad in math, he spent about 1 hour a week to teach me, not how to do better in math, but how to love math more. After a couple months pass by, I realize that loving math is more important than doing well in math, because I now had much higher grade compared to my other classmates.

I hope that this story will inspire you, and best of luck for your future.


Thank you sir....

Mowna_V’s Answer


You need to take that as your career, which you are passionate about. If you good at biology take the same subject as your passion. When you are passion about something then the same passion give you a way for your career. Do not go behind career but go behind passion,career will follow you.

Thank you...

Ken’s Answer



Here is some helpful information regarding working in the area of biology: http://www.ericlwalters.org/myths.htm

Here are some examples of jobs related to biology in your area: http://www.indeed.co.in/Biology-jobs-in-Hyderabad,-Andhra-Pradesh

Here is a school that you might look into: http://www.uohyd.ac.in/index.php/component/content/article/161-more-links/353

Best of luck!

Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!

Thank you.....
You are welcome!! Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!

Peter’s Answer



Experiments in Biology and most of the sciences often generate a great deal of data. A person with a good background in Statistics is needed to help analyze the data. So you could consider majoring in your strength, Biology, and minoring in Statistics, a mathematical branch.

Pete Sturtevant, P.E.

John ’s Answer


Choose Biology.