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Hi. UG or PG Courses which can Help Part time Jobs and easy to manage

Hi. I am Viji. One of my friend from a Lower background wants to study. But due to Financial problem may not able to Continue. If possible to earn money while studying will help her to do her studies. Help her with some courses which pay Good at part time and easy to under go her studies. engineer teaching professor educator engineering mentoring

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2 answers

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Sandhya Mani’s Answer

UG is an acronym for Undergraduate, which is done immediately once you have completed with 12th standard. It is for providing students with Bachelor degree such as, BA, etc. ... Whereas, PG is an acronym for Postgraduate, which is done only after achieving bachelor degree.

Once she completes UG courses she can start working in bank, school, etc.. related to her degree and parallelly she can join PG courses based on her interest.
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Babu’s Answer

I would suggest teaching is always good as a part time option while pursuing higher graduation. This will bring confidence and also gives time for continuing what you are learning.