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What should I do to be an electronic engineer in future as I am a 2nd Year Electronic Engineering student in university now?

Any skills and knowledge other than the syllabus in my course that I need to pick up by myself?(Like watching tech related videos or news, learn coding, learn arduino, etc.) Thank you!
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4 answers

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Brayden’s Answer

Hello! Congrats on your progress so far in becoming an electrical engineer, I mechanical engineering student I know that engineering in general is difficult so keep up the good work.
The first thing I would suggest is just keep going. As you move further into your degree the harder the courses will get so keeping positive even when things aren't going good is a huge aspect of it. I also think trying to get involved (covid makes it difficult) within your area of study is a huge contributor to success. Whether that is joining a club or doing some research with a professor, you will gain a ton of knowledge having conversation with like minded people outside of actually class time. Also making connection with people who are farther along than you can help greatly because they are able to tell you specifically what they are learning in these upper division classes, what teachers are harder than others and how classes are structured will really prepare you for later classes. Lastly I think brushing up on areas that you might of struggled with in some of your lower division classes will help greatly. In your first 2 years you are really creating the foundation for later courses so having a good grasp on those concepts will be a big help.
Overall I think putting in the time, asking for help and being involved area a huge part of finding success regardless of what your degree or how far along you are in school. Good luck!
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Niranjan’s Answer

As you are a second year Electronics Engineering student you seem to have taken the necessary formal steps towards getting a degree. But I like your question as to what it is you should do to truly become an Electronics Engineer. Getting a degree is one thing and knowing what you are capable of doing with the knowledge you have gained is another.
You seem to have one of the most important ingredients i.e. curiosity. As you take courses and labs keep asking yourself what are the applications of this to the real world.
A few things you can do are as follows:
1. Pay attention in class with the aim of learning the subject, not just getting the grade.
2. Apply the theory you learn to the labs you have as part of the curriculum.
3. If possible get an internship in a related field to get hands on industry experience.
4. Learn some coding skills.
5. Take part in any applicable engineering contests, especially within a team.
6. Consider pursuing a Master's degree to go deeper into any specific field within Electronics.

Hope this helps, good luck.
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Garima’s Answer

Congratulations on your progress. Electronics engineering is a very dynamic field. Having a strong foundation in electronics engineering gives you many options to choose from in future from job perspective.
I would advice you to learn coding too. Any type of coding - from typical Java, C , C++ , Python. This will come in handy in future. Also, try to get summer intern or part time internship through your professors or any other tech contact. You will learn a great deal.
Wishing you good luck!
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Rajesh’s Answer

that is a great start and we need fresh engineers to really help with innovation and make world a better place. Electronics engineering is excellent choice, in every field now coding and AI and Machine learning is quite important. and so if you have any interest in any of these areas you may want to sign up for few courses and see how you can bring artificial intelligence into electronics engineering. Another advice I would like to give you is, look for opportunity either working with faculty or summer job in the filed you want to be, you will learn so much more and that will also guide you on what you want to learn more in your interest areas. Good Luck and you will do well no matter what .