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I have an interest in the engineering department but I´m not sure what particular major/career would best suit me. If this applied to you would you help me out?

Junior who is about to submit applications this year. engineering major computerscience

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5 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Most schools offer an Intro to Engineering course during the first year. Also, most engineering schools have prerequisites to include Physics, Chemistry, Statics, Dynamics and Computer courses. Once you take the intro courses you should be able to narrow down what you are interested in, i.e. Chemistry, electrical, thermodynamics, etc and from there pick the engineering major. The good news is you can change your mind if you do it early, but pay attention to those early classes and see what you really enjoy.
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Brayden’s Answer


I would suggest doing some online research to see if your interests fall in line to a specific discipline of engineering. Engineering as a whole is super broad with tons of degrees so whatever your interests are there is bound to be a degree that you fall in line with. One of the best ways to see if a specific path is right for you is to reach out and ask. If you are interested in a specific company for example, reach out to them and see if you can speak with an engineer. A lot of times there will be someone that can describe the type of work that they do at said company as an engineer so this will give you a good idea. I found that you can simply look up a company that interests you and engineering into google and you can get some pretty good feedback about what someone might do at said company. I also found that looking at job postings of said company is a great way to figure out not only the type of work but also the education you will need for said job is a great way to help guide your thinking. Hopefully this was helpful!
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Chris’s Answer

I would suggest that you look at some career fields and research. Also, look into some job descriptions and see what appeals to you and then back your way into what majors align and what courses, fields of study etc. I would recommend looking at courses in a particular major/career and see if you enjoy them.

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Hanee’s Answer

Hello Hakim,

From an Engineering standpoint, I suggest going into Data Science and Analytics as related to Engineering so you can pursue a degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering and specialize in Data Science as well. Also, Wireless and Telecom Engineering will be a game changer in the future we go towards providing high speed internet with less latency and then provide analytics through this medium.
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Nattakarn’s Answer

Hello, Hakim
I have provided the link to the Website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics which has a great information for each engineering field. You will be able to find the Job Summary, Payscale, Work Environment, etc. from this website to help you determine which engineering field would fit you better. Please check out the link below for more details. You can also search for other career fields as well.

Architecture and Engineering Occupations

Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Aerospace Engineers

Architecture and Engineering Occupations

Industrial Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Agricultural Engineers

Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Nuclear Engineers

Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers

Computer Hardware Engineers

Chemical Engineers

Health and Safety Engineers

Materials Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Electrical and Electronics Engineers