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What is the difficulty of graduating with a computer science major?

I'm in this class to prepared myself for the major. #computer-science #major

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3 answers

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Michael’s Answer

The biggest difficulty will be finding your first job. There is a lot of competition out there, but there is not shortage of work. You can build a portfolio while you are in school and having that in a presentable way might give you an edge over someone else. The next difficulty is adapting to corporate culture. Your training will tell you that path A is best for a particular task, but the culture will want you to take path B. There is a time for constructive discussion but ultimately, even if path B is chosen, you have to commit to it and execute as best you can.

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Billy’s Answer

Every major has it owns difficulty. and different people can have different difficult given the environment and learning curve different.

To me, most difficult part of studying CS is the abstract part like run time difference and system arc.
However, CS has many aspects. From frontend to backend, each position require different skillset, language and thinking.

I will advise to explore yourself more into different area and find an area when you feel you are interested and want to explore more.

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Cade’s Answer

Graduating with a Computer Science Degree is hard. As graduating with any degree is, this major offers its own unique challenges. There will be many late nights, stupid mistakes, and even bombed tests. But the reason you are getting the degree is to learn, not to get good grades. Learning is the most fun part of this major. There is nothing more satisfying than figuring out an error you have been stumped on for over a day and then flying through the rest of an assignment. The most difficult aspect of the major is definitely applying critical thinking skills in many different spaces. Computer Science can reach different parts of Calculus, Discrete Math, Networks, Operating Systems, and Software Engineering. Being able to adapt and learn something new on the fly is the most necessary skill to have. Depending on what University you attend, different courses have varying levels of difficulty.