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Adam May 02 192 views

coders out there do you find happiness in your job

is it fulfilling both eating wise and happiness wise

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Adam May 02 262 views

I heard it can be difficult to find a job in coding because different job qualifications are so specific that they need someone either with experience or very capable of learning and adapting is this true

a family friend who has a job in coding drones had told me it was very difficult for him to find a job out of college because the different jobs had such specific requirements in qualifications that he had to find a job that would accept him and offer job training is this true for most jobs in...

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Adrian Mar 02 145 views

What is the probability of finding a job as a software developer after finishing the degree?

Referring to the average time it can take for a person to find a job after graduating

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Edwin Jan 28 184 views

How many math classes will I have to take in college for computer engineering?

#college #engineering #computer

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Oscar Nov 04, 2021 235 views

is college good?

#programming #college #computer

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Brian Oct 06, 2021 147 views

What coding language is present in most jobs in the computer science field?

I am a high school student interested in majoring in computer science

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Sep 15, 2021 165 views

How competitive is the computer science environment and how can I succeed in it?

I am a high school student interested in majoring and pursuing a career in #computer-science.

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Zihao Sep 14, 2021 198 views

What is the difficulty of graduating with a computer science major?

I'm in this class to prepared myself for the major. #computer-science #major

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Sam Jun 23, 2021 304 views

Is ASP.NET not used as much anymore for web development?

I recently took a course that was required for Information Science & Technology majors. I learned about ASP.NET and how it's widely used in web development. However, most of the web development jobs that I have seen posted online seem to use client side frameworks more. Is this because...

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Tanweer May 16, 2021 259 views

What do we need to study to work in Tesla? I am studying in 8th IGCSE.

#computer science