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What colleges near Massachusetts are helpful for becoming a veterinarian?

Are there any Colleges not to far from Mass? If not, what colleges are helpful for me to become a veterinarian. veterinarian animal-health veterinary veterinary-technician health

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3 answers

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Leonora’s Answer

There are only 28 veterinary schools in the US. Here's the list:
Only 1 school is in Mass and that's Tufts university.
If you'd like to learn more about admissions you can check out this website
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Kathryn’s Answer

Here is a link that I used:

Becker College
Worcester, Massachusetts
Bristol Community College
Fall River, Massachusetts
Holyoke Community College
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Massasoit Community College
Brockton, Massachusetts
Mount Wachusett Community College
Gardner, Massachusetts
North Shore Community College
Danvers, Massachusetts

Tufts University

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Kathryn recommends the following next steps:

Also, you could look into apprenticeship programs
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Nirah’s Answer

In order to become a veterinarian, you need to go to 4-year undergraduate college, and then go to vet school. Any of the many 4-year colleges and universities in Massachusetts can help you prepare for vet school. There is only one vet school in Massachusetts, Tufts.
There are also colleges that offer a four year program in veterinary technology. Becker is one of them. You could get a four year degree that would qualify you as a veterinary technician, and then still go on to vet school.
Do I need to take 4 years in college in order to enroll in Tufts? Thanks. Ashly G.
Yes. A 4-year Bachelor's degree is normally a pre-requisite for vet school. There are some vet schools that offer an accelerated program where you can complete your Bachelor's degree in parallel with the veterinary degree, completing both degrees in 6 or 7 years instead of 8 total, but that is unusual. Nirah Shomer, DVM PhD DACLAM