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Is it ideal to have a background in architecture and focus on being a potential interior designer?

I am a graduating senior with a high interest in design. I love the arts specifically drawing, building and even fashion design. I do not have much experience with either careers but i do plan to explore it in College. I am not sure if the two careers are completely required or which road who be best to take. I was told that both careers are hard to get in to and it is even more difficult when there aren't many opportunities within the type of city I live in. I wanted insight and just opinions on which is best to begin with. #career-path #design #architecture #architect #interior #interior-decorating

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3 answers

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Kassondra’s Answer

Hello! I work in the fashion industry, and have friends in the architecture/interior design industry. So, for a little outside perspective, I would recommend first figuring out which aspects of building and fashion design you are most attracted to. Is it the aesthetics? Is it working with people? Knowing the upcoming trends? I would look into getting a part-time job as a retail sales associate in a store you could see yourself working in, either fashion or home goods. See if you like it, and maybe it will help you figure out which direction to go in. As far as going into a field as specific as Interior Design or Fashion Design, I would definitely do research on actual job outlooks. Both of those are very specific and very limited, especially in a down-turn economy. That being said, you may also want to look into jobs within those industry's that are always in demand. Wholesale for fashion is always looking for new comers, working in showrooms, doing product development, or visual merchandising... All of these are great, fun careers you can pursue in either fashion or interior design fields. I went to FIDM, and I currently work there. I would definitely suggest taking a look at their majors. The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is an amazing school for anyone interested in both those fields. So is the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, or Harrington School of Design in Chicago. Just explore your options, and dig a bit deeper. There are way more avenues to go down if you want to be involved in fashion or interior design than just the obvious.

Hope that helps! :-)

Thank you for your help! Cameo C.

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khushhal’s Answer

having architecture background is always ideal for interior designing specially when you are doing commercial real estate interiors like hotels/corporate interior & retail industry where MEP services has bigger role to play and being a interior designer you need to coordinate all services with your interior design aesthetic. architectural back ground make you more comfortable and authentic to deal with various aspects execution of interior project and give you better control over project.

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Mai’s Answer

I'm an interior designer in Chicago.
Architects and Interior Designers work along side one another, depending on the firm you get into.
While in school, I picked up a lot of graphic skills which puts me in a great position. The firm I am at I am able to do some graphics for clients to go in the space, pick finishes, and work on floor plans, layouts, elevations. I work with mostly architects so I get to jump into a lot of the drawings that they do. If you're a very technical person, you should def look into architecture, especially if you're good at math and physics. If you're not so good at the math and physics, you should look into Interior Design. Whatever your skills are make sure you are 100% comfortable with technology. Getting to know some photoshop early on will help you. eventually you'll learn autocad, or revit in college either major, you will have to learn it. Architects are leaning more toward BIM technology.
If you haven't looked into some architects, I would do that and see if any of their work calls out to you.
Zaha Hadid
Hernon Alonso Diaz
Greg Lynn
Frank Lloyd Wright
Le Corbusier
Louis Sullivan

also look up a couple of firms to see what type of work theyre doing
Studio Gang
Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill
Gettys Group

there are many more firms but depending on what type of work you want to get into.
Also, research the schools, they have a lot to do with where your career goes. Your portfolio definitely makes an impact on whether you get an interview or not.