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What resources should I use while attempting to find a good major for myself?

I'm currently trying to decide on what I will major in and I'm confused by all of the different types and numerous options, how can I figure out which one would be best for me?

P.S I plan on working in Psychology or counseling #psychology #college-major #counseling

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3 answers

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abhi’s Answer

With so many options, choosing your major is hard. There are a ton of factors involved, and you’ve got a nice dollop of uncertainty heaped on top to make things even more fun.
have your goal in mind:
1. Choosing for Income
2. Letting Authority Figures Influence You Too Much
3. Trying to “Find Your Passion”

Thanks for your answer, I've mainly been working on finding a passion Quinton Q.

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Make an appointment with your school's GUIDANCE Counsel to find out if your school provides testing in selecting a vocation. There are several instruments from which to choose such as the Strong Interest Survey and another one called the Campbell Interest & Skill Survey. Both of these devises have good validity data and have assisted thousands of adolescents and young adults in making career choices.

Good luck with finding a major that brings you great joy.

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Cerice’s Answer

In addition to what Dr. Robinson suggested you can also check a few other instruments: Myers-Briggs assessment. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator AND MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) survey. You can take a FREE career test online.