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Amy Jul 22, 2016 1673 views

What is more rigorous or difficult - a medical or law career path?

Factoring in difficulty and rigor of respective undergraduate education paths, MCAT/LSAT, medical/law school, and medical residency/law internships. #medicine #law #law-school

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Amy Jul 22, 2016 1772 views

What are the different careers that law school graduates can take part in?

I know there are many options but I am not familiar with them. #law #law-school

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Quinton Jul 22, 2016 983 views

What resources should I use while attempting to find a good major for myself?

I'm currently trying to decide on what I will major in and I'm confused by all of the different types and numerous options, how can I figure out which one would be best for me?

P.S I plan on working in Psychology or counseling #psychology #college-major #counseling

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Jul 22, 2016 863 views

AP US HIstory... Any Advice?

I'm going into my junior year of high school and I'm taking a AP US History class. A lot of people in my school say its very challenging, but i'm pretty good at history. Anyways, does anyone have some advice on how to handle this class? Thanks

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Justin Jul 22, 2016 1264 views

What is a hedge fund, and how do they differ from a investment firm?

Would like to know what a hedge fund is.


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Aukai Jul 22, 2016 1599 views

As I begin to explore possible subjects in higher education, what major would best teach me the skills most useful in landing and excelling at a consulting job at a respected firm?

I am currently taking a business management course at Oxford and we have been talking about consulting. We have practised consulting with case studies, but not really discussed what it takes to become one professionally. #business #business-development #consulting #management-consulting...

Sharlene’s Avatar
Sharlene Jul 22, 2016 944 views

I'm considering going into the pharmaceutical business and I am also interested in environmental science what is the recommended pathway I should take in college?

I am a college student and I just wanted to get a better understanding of direction of I wanted to pursue something to do with the pharmaceutical business. #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals #pharmaceutical-industry

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Mashal May 09, 2016 1043 views

If I go down the business route in my career would it be more useful to go to college and have a business major or another career as a backup?

You can be a business owner by just buying a business would majoring in something else be more useful. #college #business #major

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Jul 22, 2016 1205 views

Should I get a job during the school year?

I want the money from having a job, but I'm worried that I couldn't fit one in. I'm taking 3 AP classes and I normally have As and Bs and I'm also part of the cross country and track teams, do you think I could handle adding a part-time in? #job #high-school #time-management

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rishi Jul 08, 2016 11022 views

I have completed 10th recently with 87%. i want to learn computer engineering. My cousin referred me to learn IT engineering. What is the difference between IT engineering and computer engineering?

for future learning #computer-science #computer-software #technology #computer-hardware #information #services

Aukai’s Avatar
Aukai Jul 22, 2016 1426 views

As an aspiring entrepreneur, how important is learning to code and what are some of the best websites, programs, or online schools for learning the skill?

I am interested in entrepreneurship but time and time again I put an idea aside because I dont know how to code, and have not yet fleshed out my idea enough to begin a seed round for funding for a coder. #computer-software #programming #coding #program-development

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Jul 22, 2016 1178 views

What can I do in high-school to prepare for majoring in Psycology?

I was wondering if there are any ways for me to get a head-start on Psycology during high-school #psychology #college-major #college-majors

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Santhosh Kumar Jun 27, 2016 1243 views

Hai I am Santhosh. What are the basic Qualities does the recruiter look in at the Time of Campus Interview

Hai. I am Santhosh Doing 9th Std. Basically from a Government should Selected Tamil Medium. What are the basic qualities does the recruiter look in at the time of Campus Selection apart from the Studies(Marks). Does a Tamil Medium student would be selected.I am from India(Tamilnadu) #business...

Mauilena ’s Avatar
Mauilena Dec 10, 2015 2156 views

How do I sell my own makeup?

I see a lot of people who get paid to promote makeup and I really want to get into that. #cosmetology #entrepreneur #makeup #promotions #social-entrepreneur

Archibald’s Avatar
Archibald Apr 27, 2016 2427 views

which is best program language ?

I want to learn a program language, which is the best ? c,c plus plus, java,python,c#or vb? #program