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Are there any ways changing my social media could help my job applications?

I'm looking for a job as a high schooler and I was wondering if changing certain things about my social media may help my chances of getting a job. I don't post anything questionable or swear, but are there steps to improve my social media to appear more "professional"? #career #school #job-search #social-media

Hi Quinton. It looks like there's a typo in your question. When you say "I'm looking for a job as a high school" do you mean that you are looking for a job <em>out of high school</em> or <em>after high school</em> or <em>as a high school teacher</em> or something else? Jared Chung BACKER

Thanks for telling me! and I just edited it, and I mean I'm looking for a job as a high schooler, as I am currently attending Quinton Q.

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2 answers

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Karine’s Answer

Of course ! Today is all about social media ! the better your profile is the most opportunities you have to be hired by a company you want to work for! Some tips : use correct words, professional picture, work on a brand statement (who are you, what are you best at, what do you want to do ?) Use Linked In to network and improve your profile, ask for recommendations, participate in some forums to learn more ...

Happy to connect with you to give you my advice on Linked In about your profile :-)

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Jessica’s Answer

This is a great question and I think it is great you are addressing it in your professional life! Social Media is a big factor with job search. Many employers might look at your social media accounts to get a feel for who you are and what you represent. I agree, it is a way to present your personal self, but some companies are protective of how they are being presented as well.

If you are looking for a way to make yourself more professional, I would look into making a LinkedIn account. I tell a lot of the youth I work with it is the "professional" Facebook. By all means, still keep your other social media accounts "professional", but LinkedIn will allow you to network and get your name out there.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the success in your future!