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What is a good way to introduce myself to a field so I can learn the craft so I can eventually go further?

I am an athlete who loves to travel but is interested in both sports and real estate. #traveling #sports #money

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4 answers

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Owen,
To introduce yourself to a field, the best first thing to do is prepare your field work.
For instance, if your interest is in real estate, read books that introduce beginners to the industry,
or simply go on youtube to research for real estate 101 - there are plenty of resources there for your have a better idea of what it takes to be part of that industry.
Once you have a good idea of what the basics of the industry you are hoping to enter are,
you can start participating in related groups to get connected with like-minded individuals.
There are plenty of facebook groups, meetup groups and clubhouse rooms with real estate as their theme,
these will be good platforms to seek a mentor to guide you into the industry.
The above process will take time, so be patient,
and contribute time daily to hone your skills and knowledge in the field,
then you can gradually set a solid foot there and develop your career.
Good luck!

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Wayne’s Answer

My recommendation is to be honest, open, up front, but not too forthcoming to reveal your ignorance. You’ll find that many times, people are more than willing to help and you may find new friends/mentors. Regardless of the platform, social media, in-person, zoom call, etc. The aged practice of treating others how you’d love to be treated is still correct.

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Dennis’s Answer

Great advice from Katrina. There are also many colleges across the country that offer real estate majors and/or offer business degrees which include real estate courses and other related courses to prepare students for a career in real estate.

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Katrina’s Answer

If you want to put your name out there and become familiar with a field, you should partner with someone within that workgroup. I also encourage my reps to have an informational interview with someone in that field. It is just a meeting where you ask questions about the role, what are the responsibilities, challenges, and the goal for the year. It may help you get a better look at the role so you can determine if this is something you would like to do. I also believe that you should meet peers and your leaders so that you can learn best practices and know who is who within that organization/ group.