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What are the best classes to get into planning and managing.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I would be good at planning and managing. #student #planning #managing

I will recommend that you search about certificate called CAPM which is Certified associate project manager .. this will be huge step for you .. to get qualified you gonna need to attend some classes and you will be able to pass the test .. then you can apply for PMP which is for professional management .. let me know if you need any data or questions.. Wish you all luck my friend Mohamed Elmasry

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3 answers

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Marcia’s Answer

How exciting; you might consider taking business courses and working towards certification in project management and Six Sigma, all of which will enable you to apply your interests and gain relevant skills in planning and management. Good luck to you!

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Ethan’s Answer

If you want to increase your skills in planning and managing, then definitely look into classes that center around leadership. When you take classes in leadership, you get to do a lot of personality tests where you learn about yourself as a person and how you work and lead others. By learning about what kind of leader you, you will find how what you need to work on to be a great leader for all. Then there are also just classes in management as well that you can take, and those courses will teach you how to work in teams, how to lead and teach you in decision-making. There are many classes out there for you to learn from!

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Linda’s Answer

Planning and managing are broad terms so I would consider what areas you want to apply this to. These are great skills to have, you just want to apply to a role that you are interested in. Such as is it financial planning or supply chain planning? I would do research on line about the types of roles around planning to dig in a little more.