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sarah’s Avatar
sarah Dec 01, 2021 422 views

What classes would you recommend to take in college if you are considering to go into real estate

#college #real-estate #business

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Dec 08, 2021 228 views

what are some of the best things about office administration?


JWILLY’s Avatar
JWILLY Mar 17, 2021 326 views

What are the best classes to get into planning and managing.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I would be good at planning and managing. #student #planning #managing

Elisha’s Avatar
Elisha Nov 07, 2021 438 views

Which field of Business is the most creative?

Hi there, I'm a junior in high-school currently looking at potential career paths I could embark on. I've been considering undertaking Digital Marketing as though I like the general field of Business, I also hope to instill creativity in what I do. Would you say that Digital Marketing is the...