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Letlotlo Mar 28, 2021 759 views

How often will I have to work and how much will I get paid

I am a business management student at private college . During high school I was part of leadership committees for 3 years. I get along with people very easily and able to make lasting connections with people #business management #student #leadership qualities #sociable

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Mar 12, 2021 1348 views

What does a technical interview entail?

I've made it past the first round of interviews for a research lab I'm interested in, and the next step is for a PI to reach out to schedule a technical interview. I have no idea what a technical interview is, or how to prepare! I'm a physics student and would be working in acoustics or...

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Trinity Mar 01, 2021 547 views

How much money does a average physical therapist

#income #financial-planning #sports-agent #career

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JWILLY Mar 17, 2021 545 views

What are the best classes to get into planning and managing.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I would be good at planning and managing. #student #planning #managing

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Bethany Feb 10, 2021 469 views

What is the hardest part of starting up your own business?

I want to start a business after college where I could own my own bakery. I am a little nervous because I know this can be very challenging and want to prepare. #start-ups #cakedecorator #businessowner