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How many job applications shall we submit?

Specifically for a foreign student who want to get a job. The more the better? Or just the one which most suitable for me? #job-search #first-job

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7 answers

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Yassine’s Answer

Hi There,

Good question. However, are you refering to one company or applications in general.

If you are sending different applications to a variety of companies, then i don't think there is a magical number out there. You can basically send as many as you wish. However, your application needs to be tailored to the position/company/industry. Standard applications are not original and won't get the attention you need the recruiter to have for your profile.

I would therefore suggest change your application content as often as you can and make it tailored to the openings for a better chance in differentiating yourself from competitors.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Thanks, your suggestion is pretty good! Wenge X.

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Amy’s Answer

You can submit as many as you'd like but keep in mind that they take time and they need to reflect what you have to offer. If you're fluent in multiple languages, that will really benefit you when applying.

You should also review and slightly alter your resume and cover letter depending on the job's requirements. Try and keep a record of every job's description that you apply for so you can refer back to it before or during an interview.

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Lucien’s Answer

You can never apply to too many jobs.

However, make sure that each job application is unique to the industry, job role and company you're applying to rather than a generic application.

This gives you a chance to stand out from the rest as it shows that you took the time to research the role and the company which in turn increases your chances of your application being reviewed and considered during the hiring process.

I applied to over 60 roles before landing my first professional job. It does get tough but keep applying and something will pop up!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Wenge,

If it's different companies then I would say submit as many as you want. If you're sending it to the same company, then I would send one and if you don't hear back send another in a few weeks.


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Elizabeth’s Answer

If you are applying to multiple openings using email, I would recommend putting your address in the "bcc" line. This will send you a copy for your reference.

Save these copies in a certain folder, so when a recruiter reaches out, you will be able to find your original message easily.


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Simeon’s Answer

In general, the more places you apply to, the better. Keep an eye out for smaller businesses since they will be more likely to hire you. Ask around your friends and connections and see if they are aware of any openings as well. Sometimes, they will be able to recommend you to the person who is hiring.

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Pamela’s Answer

There is no precise number of job applications you should apply to. It's not really a numbers game.

When you start looking for jobs, you need to consider exactly what kind of job you want to do and ideally where you want to work (industry/company/location).

Also, when applying for any job, it's always good to research the company first, so you can see if that company fits the bill of where you want to work...If their core values are what you are looking for...ect.

It's best to apply for jobs that you are really interested in, or can help you build the necessary experience for future roles.

Don't apply for jobs just for the sake of it but rather concentrate on the ones that are better suited for you.