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Wenge Aug 03, 2016 1401 views

How many job applications shall we submit?

Specifically for a foreign student who want to get a job. The more the better? Or just the one which most suitable for me? #job-search #first-job

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Jul 31, 2016 1435 views

Should people attend volunteer activities which are not relevant to their subject?

I used to consider to volunteer to educate people who live in a poor village in Western China. But this may not relevant with my future career. #education #volunteering #volunteer

Anaka’s Avatar
Anaka May 13, 2017 1156 views

Should I study at home or abroad?

Are domestic or foreign universities the best for university/college experiences? #college #university #study-abroad

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Apr 28, 2016 1257 views

What are some common mistakes you see job seekers make when interviewing for a role at your company?

I am preparing for interviews for internships so I thought I'd ask what common (or not so common) mistakes young people make when interviewing at your company so that I can avoid making those mistakes when I start interviewing at companies I want to work for! Thank you! #human-resources...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine May 18, 2016 1567 views

What Career should I have

My teachers are constantly telling me i should know what my career is but i have no clue what i want to do!!! I love georgian houses and interiors of homes but i don't want to be a builder. This is what i am doing for GCSE's: English- I don't enjoy but can do it Maths- Try really hard but...

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Jul 28, 2016 1351 views

Is this common that the first job that people got is not related to what they have learned in their uni?

Just saw few my friends get a job which not related to our subject. #job #first-job

Zujey’s Avatar
Zujey Feb 14, 2020 2225 views

How do you manage stressful situations?

#business #management

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Feb 19, 2020 805 views

Outside of internships and reading literature, are their any ways to be productive during the summer as far as building a resume towards research as an undergraduate student?

Freshman undergraduate student studying psychology and neuroscience. #psychology #college #research