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How competitive is it getting on the ESPN advertising team?

I am a college student at San Jose State University study majoring Economics and minoring in Advertising. I have always been interested in creating ads and I have always loved sports! So I feel like ESPN would be an awesome fit for me. What does it take for me get on the ESPN team? #sports #advertising #sports-marketing #espn

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2 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

Hey Ben!

You probably want to look into Marketing. There are a lot of different areas you can go in marketing so it really just depends on what you are interested in. There is the marketing group who creates promotional campaign for events and programming and there is the marketing group who create a more ESPN/Advertiser integrated campaign. There is also the marketing group who work with our advertisers on integrating their create into or shows (i.e. Coors Light Cold Hard Facts). There is also the sales part that bring these marketing concepts to life for the most part - Working in Ad Sales and helping to facilitate media campaigns that an advertiser has with us so their concepts actually come to life on TV or on any of our digital platforms.

So many different areas - not sure what year you are in school, but you could look into applying for an internship so you can explore some opportunities. Even if you end up working in one particular area you can still do a lot of networking and overviews of other groups.

My biggest tips are networking & internships!

Hoping this is helpful - good luck!

Hi Brittany, First of all thanks so much for your answer, it is super helpful! I will definitely look into internships at ESPN, I am a third year in college and I already have been a part of two internships. One Content Marketing internship and a Business Operations internship. I think it would super awesome to intern at ESPN, do you know when ESPN normally posts internship job postings for the upcoming summer (summer 2017)? I would love to apply as soon as possible! Again thanks for your answer and I hope you have a fantastic day! :D Ben L.

Hey Ben! No problem at all - always here to help. I believe you are in the ideal year in college to apply for the ESPN internship program so definitely make sure you apply - I'm not exactly sure when we post for the internships (think it's probably December or January), but you should look on the DisneyCareers website and see if there is a way for you to set up some kind of alert when it becomes available. Sales and Marketing is primarily based out of the NYC and Bristol, CT offices so be prepared to be in either of those locations. Remember to keep networking... best career advice I could possibly give. Good Luck - let me know if you have any other questions!! Brittany Kouris

Wow I guess I get to spend my summer in either NYC or Bristol! Exciting! I see that you are working in the LA area. I would be interested in interning in the LA offices if possible. What types of interns do you normally interact with in the LA area? Ben L.

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Charles’s Answer

You know, I think you have things a bit confused. If you like how they promote themselves, then you want to be part of their promotions team. Those are niche jobs, but I'm sure maybe available. However recently, with stories of talent layoffs I have heard due to crumbling viewership that many feel is tied to unneeded politics in sports coverage, they are not the strongest company right now.
If advertising the products you see on ESPN interest you, then I suggest looking into the many ad agencies that exist that market major brands. There many specialities open you in that regard in ad work. Social media, web, print, television, production, account management, sales, writing, producing, research and analytics, etc.
Don't confuse your love of sports thinking you will get paid to watch basketball in a promotions/advertising role. Selling it is far different than reporting it. I work in tv and actually don't get to watch a lot of it. If that's the case, I think you may want to learn about being an editor or producer who prepares content for broadcast. I'm not sure what they pay for those people.