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What is the average day like when you are committed to a full time job?

Asked North Tonawanda, New York

I am still very young but when I become older I would like to start a family and get to spend quality time with my spouse and children, is that possible with this career? #sports #sports-management #entertainment #children #sports-media

4 answers

Doug’s Answer

Updated West Palm Beach, Florida

Absolutely! Having a rewarding career and at the same time enjoying a quality lifestyle with a partner and a family is attainable and something I would hope most people expect.

One thing to keep in mind as you work toward this is YOU are the one who is always in control of YOU. Understand that the choices you make - whether they be for your career, your relationship or your family - are dictated by you. For instance, if you choose a career that requires you to travel a third of the time or more, you have to also know that places constraints on the time you have available for relationships and family. Perhaps that career choice is the right one for the moment because you may not have made a commitment to a partner or started a family of your own and that's OK. The day may come when you make a choice the other way, opting to spend more time on relationship and family, and that's when you would evaluate your career choice and possibly seek to modify it or make a change. Those choices and that control is up to you.

okay thank you for the advice!!

KJ’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Having a full time job (on average 40 hours a week, plus commute time) takes up a lot of you "awake time." It's a tough reality to face when you step out into the real world. I knew it would be difficult making that transition after college and graduate school, which is why I did my best to find a company I knew I wanted to work for and a place where I enjoy going every day. Since you do spend a lot of your time at your job, it's important to like what you do, and hopefully enjoy the people you are around.

Work life balance is also important. If 40 hours/week plus commute time seems overwhelming, maybe a career in a school is something you would like to look into. If you can find passion in working in the education system, then there is always that option. Shorter hours, summers and school breaks off. Leaves more time for family. My mother is a teacher and she has the best of both worlds --a job she loves and extra time with her family.

okay thank you!

Jordan’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Hi Sarah-

It is important to remember that you will be the one to decide the answer to this question.

There are many different ways now a days to create a professional career, many people have the opportunity to work from home, to choose their hours, to work part-time, there are tons of options now!

As we get older we start to understand what our priorities are, and we cater the other things in our lives to that. If having a family is a priority, you will figure out a way to do that!

Best of luck to you!

Lou’s Answer

You control the time you spend on the job. You will always be sacrificing something however if you keep faith and family at the top of the list everything will eventually work out. #sports-media
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