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My goal I'm working hard to endeavor is to become a successful business entrepreneur. I would like to know what are good majors to study in college in order to achieve my goal.

Asked Phoenix, Arizona

I'm asking this question because I've always been intrigued on what it takes to be able to run a business. #business #entrepreneur #insider

2 answers

bridget’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Ricardo -- your intrigue can take you many places...I don't think there is a single major that would suffice to make you a successful entrepreneur without knowing what you're passionate about!

Take an inventory of those businesses you most admire. Why do you admire that specific business, who owns that business?

Important sources for you to read are those like Forbes:


There are also universities who have entrepreneur majors; check out the University of Arizona (in your home state!), Stanford or this list:


Best of everything to you as you begin to make your way!

Nurit’s Answer

Entrepreneurs need something called "delusional optimism". It's not something you learn in school. It's more of a personality type that enjoys taking risks. If you are not afraid to fail then entrepreneurship is right for you because 99% of new businesses fail, it's not for the faint of heart. Failure is also what makes you learn. As far as courses in college, digital marketing will be helpful as well as accounting and new venture type courses.
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