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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
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Hamid’s Avatar
Hamid Aug 22, 2016 1069 views

What are the best colleges for business and for expanding networks other than the Ivy League schools?

I am currently a junior in high school. I will be applying to colleges next year and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I'm aiming for. #college #business #university

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 24, 2016 928 views

How hard is it to be an event planner?

I'm asking because I'm not sure if I want to spend my whole college career trying to become an event planner if it is not something I'm up to the challenge for! #business

Quantrel’s Avatar
Quantrel May 06, 2016 1037 views

How many cooking businesses can I open realistically?

I really want to become a chef and open up my own restaurants. How many can I realistically open myself? #business #chef

rea’s Avatar
rea Jul 15, 2017 1056 views

Whatis the scope of mechanical engineer v/s doctor ?choice

because I have to decide whether i must do mbbs/ btech. I really reure a quick answer .#technology#medicine #career-details

ricardo’s Avatar
ricardo Aug 21, 2016 973 views

My goal I'm working hard to endeavor is to become a successful business entrepreneur. I would like to know what are good majors to study in college in order to achieve my goal.

I'm asking this question because I've always been intrigued on what it takes to be able to run a business. #business #entrepreneur #insider

Ram’s Avatar
Ram Jul 08, 2017 1401 views

I have few questions to ask.

If you don't feel like answering all these, please pick numbers to answer. 1-Currently doing Computer Science Engineering.(starting my final year) 2-What can I do to get myself accepted in best schools in Canada if I don't have a good GPA, would love to hear about side projects too....

Thanhmai’s Avatar
Thanhmai May 24, 2016 1061 views

What does it take to succeed in business?

Is it good looks? Ambition? Luck? Even if it is shallow, can you survive in this materialistic world without good looks? #business #entrepreneurship

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed Apr 27, 2016 894 views

I am interested in Commercial Art. I would like to work in a medium where I can display my creativity. What are the career options that I can explore?

I am a Class 9 student, with an interested in Commercial Art. I would like to work in a medium where I can display my creativity. What are the career options that I can explore? #finance #marketing

Davina’s Avatar
Davina Apr 26, 2016 4844 views

what careers can you get with these subjects geography , POA ,POB

i like these subjects and i do great in these subjects #business #accounting #geography

Mohanned’s Avatar
Mohanned Jul 08, 2017 947 views

I graduated high-school and I am confused which major should i enter

My high school GPA is high and throughout the year, I planned to go into engineering because of my grades in math and physics. But after I graduated, I found my interest in #moviesproduction, #Digitalanimation, #gameandInteractiveMediadesign, and all the subjects regarding #movies, #Media and...

amber’s Avatar
amber May 26, 2016 1024 views

How well will business ethics and international business work together?

I want to be involved with bettering work environments through my international business career. However, I am not quite sure how that will pan out. #business #international-affairs

Laiza’s Avatar
Laiza Sep 01, 2015 1342 views

Can you please help me explore these careers (I am undecided): assistant vet., business person, psychology, movie director, writer (for movies), or lawyer.

I am asking this question because I don't know much about these careers. I want to decide what I want to be when I grow up. #business #psychology #lawyer #veterinarian #director #writer

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Dec 23, 2016 791 views

How difficult is it to get a job with a business degree?

Is it really competitive to get a job since there are so many other people with business degrees as well? I am a little worried about looking for jobs in the future and want some additional advice on job-searching. #business

Dayiana’s Avatar
Dayiana May 20, 2016 1218 views

I want to open my own bakery. Does it cost a lot of money to buy one?

I love baking so much and want to one day open my own shop. Do you need all the money to buy a place or build one? How does that work? #business #cooking-and-baking #restaurants

M’s Avatar
M May 16, 2016 1250 views

Advice to help me sort out a future in finance and/or sports management?

I would like to increase my chances for financial success and enjoy what I do. I am told to do what I love, do really well and I will make money at it. There is nothing that I absolutely love yet other than watching NBA basketball, YouTube and I love travel, although I've only vacationed with...