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Could someone describe their personal path to becoming a business broker?

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I'm a senior wanting to pursue a career in finance and law and would like some advice on the steps taken to become a business broker, particularly mergers and acquisitions. What college did you attend, if any? What major did you pursue, if any? Do you have a degree? Did you intern for a brokerage company? How did you find, or start, your current job? What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow this career path? #business #finance #corporate-finance #business-lawyer

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The term you used "business broker" isn't quite right. That said, mergers and acquisitions is usually within the scope of an investment bank. I would highly recommend you look up "investment banking m&a" on LinkedIn to find out the different backgrounds people have in that industry.

Also, you could be in a company within a corporate finance/corporate development role, where you could be looking for potential acquisitions.