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What educationcal qualification is needed for studying CA?

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2 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

"Becoming a chartered accountant in the United States requires a bachelor's degree, as well as additional schooling to earn the CPA (certified public accountant) designation. This program generally takes two years to complete and must be taken abroad, such as in Canada or England. Keep reading to learn more about the education required to become a chartered accountant.

Essential Information
Chartered accountants are equivalent to certified public accountants in the United States. They receive their graduate school education overseas and can work in many different settings around the world. Chartered accountants provide clients with consultation on tax, accounting and auditing activities.

Required Education Graduation from a two-year chartered accountant program overseas after receiving a bachelor's degree
Other Requirements Licensure depending on the country
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028) 6% (for accountants and auditors)*
Median Salary (2018) $74,889** (for chartered accountant)*
Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Chartered Accountant Education Requirements
Educational programs for prospective chartered accountants are not available in the United States. The corresponding role is certified public accountant (CPA). Those interested in becoming chartered accountants should first obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related subject. They must then seek out a chartered accountant program in a country such as England, Canada or Australia. Most chartered accounting programs last two years and are considered post-graduate programs. They sometimes require prior work experience in accounting, in addition to a relevant undergraduate-level degree. Many learning institutions set up internship programs between students and chartered accountants for additional on-the-job training. It is important to note that countries may have different licensing requirements for chartered accountants; licensure is almost always acquired only upon graduation from a formal, accredited educational program.

Because chartered accountant training programs are advanced, they are designed to build upon previous coursework and assume a basic understanding of accounting. Class topics may include auditing and assurance, business ethics, accounting analysis and financial reporting. Chartered accountants learn the ins and outs of modern and international taxation and business laws in order to provide global clients with reliable, strategic and accurate forecasts and advice."

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Dhwani’s Answer

In India, the minimum qualification required to pursue ICAI CA course is Class 12. The candidates who have passed Class 12 can take up CPT course. Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is the beginning stage to start a career in Charted Accountancy. The second stage is IPCC (Intermediate) and the last stage is CA Final.


1. Students can register for CPT after Class 10. However, they are eligible to take up CPT exam only after clearing Class 12.
2. Students from Arts, Science and Commerce streams in Class 12 are also eligible to register for CPT course.
3. After clearing CPT exam, the candidates can enroll into ICAI.
4. Qualifying CPT is a gateway to register for Accounting Technician Course (ATC). Candidates who had formerly registered for IPCC can enroll for ATC.
5. Candidates must score at least 100 out of 200 marks in CPT to apply for IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course).
6. Candidates must score at least 40 marks in each subject and an aggregate of 50% or above to clear IPCC.
7. Scoring 60 marks and above in any subject will exempt you from reappearing for that particular subject in case you fail the course and plan to give the exams again.
8. Clearing IPCC exam is a gateway for the candidates to do an internship of three years under a certified CA. The Articleship is an opportunity to learn how accountancy is handled by an experienced Chartered Accountant.
9. During the final six months of three-year Articleship, the candidates can appear for CA Final course exams.
10. Finally, the candidates who clear CA Final exam and featured in All-India merit list will be awarded the designation of Chartered Accountant.