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How beneficial is it to pursue the career of a psychologist?

I am a Junior in high school and was wondering that if I chose to pursue the career of a psychologist, how beneficial would it be to myself and clients/patients? #career #future-careers #student #highschool #psychologist

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3 answers

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Deeana’s Answer

I would recommend first trying to pinpoint a few (maybe 2 -3) objectives that you'd like to accomplish through your chosen field (career). These objectives may help you to better determine if becoming a psychologist is the path that's best for you or may start you down another road where you would be better suited (Ex: Mental Health Counseling, Life Coaching, etc.).

Deeana recommends the following next steps:

Make a list of your true objectives
Use that list to research what career paths will help you to accomplish them
Consider the costs of each path (in the form of your time, energy, and of course money)
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Edwin!

There are plenty of benefits to being a psychologist! However, it really depends on your interests and passion. Becoming a psychologist requires many years of school. To figure out how long depends on the type of psychologist you want to become. Many psychologist positions require a PhD or PsyD degree along with a post-doctoral fellowship. Others may only require a Master's. You could be a clinical, counseling, forensic or even a industrial-organizational psychologist.

Obviously there are pros and cons, but to focus on the pros...
Rewarding to help people
Flexible schedule
High earning potential
Ability to work for yourself
New challenges
Opportunity to work with new people just about every day

Hope this helps!!
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Nitin’s Answer

I believe it is one of the most rewarding careers around, and I have a keen interest in studying human behavior around motivation, negotiation, what drives folks as well as how the mind works.
Having said that, you should 1st determine just like any career path if psychology excites you at an intrinsic level. It will require you to work with people and kind of do a lot of experiments with people, and read quite a bit of upcoming research and apply them to be successful. Your chances of success increase a lot if you are passionate about the domain as well as are willing to put in the work needed and persevere.
I fully agree with what Mark has already answered above.
There are tons of info available online on psychology. you can watch a lot of Ted Talks for relevant areas on YouTube and evaluate if that is the path and if its looks interesting, you are limited only by your capacity to dig deeper and help people be successful and happy. what can be more rewarding than that.

Nitin recommends the following next steps:

read tons of info available online on psychology to find your passion
watch a lot of Ted Talks for relevant areas on YouTube
follow the leaders in psychology on LinkedIn and Twitter to hear what's happening.
if everything checks out, dive in and put in your best.